In this episode, we talk to John Pearce and Chris Harrop OBE of Made in Britain, as leading voices for the UK's manufacturing industry we explore how the SDGs can help us navigate the tension that exists between a recovery that guarantees growth and employment versus our need to create a green future for the health of our planet. 

Whether it’s the internet helping us stay connected or delivery drivers travelling around our country, we’ve been reliant on critical infrastructure during the pandemic. In this pod we’ll explore the role that infrastructure plays in our lives, and how it could be a tool to deliver the SDGs when done right.

Catherine and the Jo Cox Foundation set up the Connection Coalition to mitigate the impacts of isolation felt during the Covid19 pandemic. In this episode we'll explore the impact of the pandemic on our communities, and what we can do to build on the solidarity and unity that has been created to help deliver the SDGs.  

Bristol is arguably the UK’s most active city on the Sustainable Development Goals and Mayor Marvin Rees has been actively pushing them as the key to the city’s recovery from the pandemic. In this episode, we talk about what is happening in Bristol and how we can work together in a more integrated and holistic way.


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